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‘Before I became a Christian I was a convert to Islam’

Before I became a Christian I was a convert to Islam. I prayed five times a day, fasted regularly, learnt Arabic and many other things to get better in my faith.

At first I was happy but I soon found the constant rituals and expectations tiring, and I became more and more concerned about issues surrounding terrorism and women's rights in Islam. The Qur'an and Hadith sometimes seemed to make God sound like a complete monster who hated anyone who sinned.

Last year I was on campus going to lunch and some people from the CU handed me some free cake and invited me to some events they had going on. It was their mission week and I ended up going to one of their events. I then kept going to their meetings, not because I wanted to become a Christian but because I loved the people there. They always included me in everything that was going on and I feel so blessed to know them still. Plus, the free food at CU is fantastic!

I joined a small group and it was there I discovered the loving God I’d imagined. That's what really spurred me on to find out more about Christianity.

There are three key moments that changed things for me. First, I was sitting in a coffee shop with my friend from CU, Francesca, and we were doing Uncover. Afterwards, we prayed that God would reveal himself to me. Later I prayed this same prayer and I remember looking out the window and seeing pure light that was so beautiful and covered everything. I saw this as a sign but I wasn't truly convinced until I read a book called 'Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus' by ex-Muslim Nabeel Qureshi. The way he challenged my thoughts was just unbelievable.

When my old faith was rock bottom I remembered what I had learnt about Jesus from my Christian friends in small group, and in that moment I wanted to believe that Jesus really was my Saviour.

The last few months have been tough. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that by grace I am free and I feel that I'm not doing enough. My relationship with God is not always straightforward; some days I find it so hard to have a relationship with him. But I feel, through Jesus, that a huge pressure has been taken off my shoulders and I want to be more like him in my actions.

I go to the main CU meeting at uni every Tuesday and it really is the highlight of the week. It’s such a buzz worshiping with my favourite people in the world. I also attend Chapel on a Wednesday and have been able to meet even more lovely people! Then on Thursday I attend a small group where we study the Bible, pray and eat lots of biscuits. CU has really taken over my life and I love it!

Amy is a student at Chester University.

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