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3 Tips For the Summer

Whatever you do this summer, take Jesus with you!

  1. Now is the time to serve. Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands dirty and help out. Whether a summer camp or on a holiday club. The difference you will make is huge. At my camp if we did not have students washing up then we would not be able to invest so much time in our members. While I will always remember the energy and enthusiasm the students bought to holiday club each summer.
  2. Take someone with you. Whatever you do, whether that be a trip down the pub, a tour of the south coast, or a mission trip to Thailand, don't do it alone, but take someone with you. This could be an old school friend, or a new Uni one, a best buddy or a lad you don't really know. This could be a new Christian or someone who does not know Christ. We are made for community, and as disciples of Jesus we're called to disciple others. Discipleship is not just reading the Bible with someone but it is also simply sharing life with them and talking about the things which matter. Is there someone you could disciple during your summer?
  3. Do what you love and take Jesus with you. Whatever you love doing, do it to the full, and whatever you end up doing take Jesus with you. If you're serving on a camp, serve for the glory of God. If you're trekking the Lake District, give praise to the Creator all things. If you're working in Tesco, display Christ through your actions. If you're sipping a Coke by the sea with an old friend, take the time to talk about the things which matter in life, about faith, about God, about the good things and the bad, and invest your time in that person.

Summers are for flourishing, not surviving.

Adam Curtis is a UCCF Christian Union Staff Worker in Scotland

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