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Arts Network

Arts Network: Vision

Postmodernism, cynicism and liberalism are now dominant in the arts and therefore in our culture too.

It is worrying that this makes it difficult for a Christian worldview to be heard, much less to be taken seriously… It’s concerning that there are few Christians in the creative arts to show a different way of thinking.

As a Christian artist or designer, do you feel lonely in your art campus? Are you struggling to think how your art and creativity can glorify God?

The UCCF Arts Network exists to support Christian student in the arts, heling them to equipped to engage with our culture and be a witness for Jesus in the creative worlds. We are here to support and encourage Christians who are in these creative circles.

Our aim is that every Christian art or creative student will:

  1. have a biblical understanding and enjoy their creative gifts
  2. be equipped to analyse and engage in the art world
  3. share Jesus effectively and creatively to their peers
  4. have an opportunity to be inspired in networking

Arts Network is for Christian students who are artists, designers or in the wide range of creative courses in the UK. We try and realise our aims by running conferences, local gathering, collaborations and mentoring.

We currently have Arts Network gatherings happening in the places shown below. Do get in touch if you want to join your local group, or are interested in starting a new group.

Please contact Lois Adams (Arts Staff Worker for London and Wales) or Catriona Mackenzie (Arts Staff Worker for Scotland) for more information about the Arts Network.


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