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It is essential for us to think through what being a Christian and an artist is all about.

Some of us really struggle to read but it is worth the effort to gain helpful insight and be captivated by other people thoughts that provoke your own. There are some great books to help us out.

There's everything from immensely practical advice and inspiring biographies to the more weighty discussions. So have a look below at what we think to be some crackers.

10 top books

  1. Beyond Air Guitar by Alastair Gordon.
  2. Art and the Bible by Francis A. Schaeffer
  3. Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves by Calvin Seerveld
  4. Art and Soul by Adrienne Chaplin and Hilary Brand
  5. A Profound Weakness by Betty Spackman
  6. Imagine by Steve Turner
  7. Art Needs no justification by H.R. Rookmaaker
  8. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture by H.R. Rookmaaker
  9. God in the Gallery by Daniel A. Siedell
  10. On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art by James Elkins

5 top websites

  1. A great resource page and talks on the Morphe Arts network.
  2. A great library of talks from Labri.
  3. To think more about theology, the church and arts go to
  4. To thinking more about film go to the Damaris website.
  5. ArtWay: Christians in the Arts;


Other resources