13 December

Why do you love Christmas? What’s the most important bit for you?

Christmas shopping? 

Christmas decorations? 

Christmas jumpers?


Being with your family and your friends? 

And who thinks the most important thing about Christmas is Santa Claus?

I thought not. He gets a lot of publicity, but I don’t think anyone’s actually that bothered about Father Christmas.

And I didn’t even include Jesus on that list, because I reckon that for most of us, all the stuff about Jesus being born feels pretty similar to all the stories about Father Christmas. Sure, presents from Santa is a nice fantasy for kids, but the gifts that actually matter are the ones from family and friends; the people who are there for you, and who actually care about you.

So if Santa’s actually a bit irrelevant, surely God is too?

Well, it turns out the God we find in the Christmas story isn’t anything like Santa.

The gift he gives us is far better than anything Santa’s ever managed.

You’ll hear this a lot at Christmas carol services: ‘To us a child is born; to us a son is given.’

And when a gift is given, it has to be received: ‘Yet to all who did receive him… he gave the right to become children of God.’ It’s not that you earn God’s approval in some way, it’s not that you try to deserve it, Jesus is given as a gift to us, and you just have to receive him!

But what does it mean to receive a person? Well, it’s a lot like a relationship, or marriage, or being part of a family.

You don’t need to know everything about someone to start a relationship – you just need to know enough to know that you can trust them.

If you or someone you know would like to start exploring whether Jesus is someone you can trust, why not start by getting to know him? Start with the Christmas story in Uncover Luke, and carry on piecing together the historical record of his life. See for yourself whether you think he has any significance, and decide for yourself whether you want to trust him.

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Today's post is adapted by a talk given at Bedford CU's recent carol service, by UCCF Staff Worker Mike Hood.