13 December

‘I’ve been slowly learning about Christianity… thank you for helping me open up to it.’

This was one student’s reflection after attending the London city-wide student carol service last year. Hundreds of students came and heard Graham Daniels unpack John 1 in a winsome, faithful and persuasive manner.

Last year, 30,000 students attended a CU carol service. For many, it will be the first time students hear the gospel, and many times they act as springboards for students to investigate Christianity further.

Joe Winstone, a former student and Relay Worker, agrees: ‘The Christmas season has been surprisingly memorable the last few years for the fruitful gospel opportunities God has given since I first rocked up as a student in York.

In my first year, a college friend becoming a Christian around the time of CU Christmas Text-a-Toastie. In my second year I visited nearby Durham CU’s carol service along with my unbelieving housemate and was inspired by the event that they had put on: in my third year, back in York, I saw 650 come to what was our largest CU Carol Service yet!’

Joe is now experiencing CU carol services from the other side of the lectern: as part of his work with the Michael Ots Evangelism Trust he spoke at Strathclyde & Glasgow Caledonian CUs’ Carol Service, as well as performing an original spoken word piece at York and Leeds CU Carol Services.

It's not the only example of creative Christmas outreach. Manchester, Man Met and RNCM CUs last week hosted a joint event starring the RNCM Symphony Chorus, as well as other musical pieces from CU and University members. Speaker Adrian Holloway described it as "one of the best events I’ve ever attended" in a glowing post-service review. And it's not just about show: after this event, the CU are following up with over 60 guests who want to trust in Jesus or find out more!

Praise God for the marvellous and creative opportunities that CUs have to reach out at Christmas!

Please pray for CU students as they follow up with their friends after carol services, seeking to walk with them as they explore who Jesus is.

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