20 December

At Christmas, it's so exciting to see hundreds of students gathered together for CU carol services, celebrating the good news of Christmas and opening the door for hundreds of deeper conversations about Jesus. Here are a couple of stories from the last few weeks.

Over 250 students at King’s College London Strand campus gathered for the CU’s carol service. It was such an exciting night, with candles, amazing music and delicious mince pies and mulled wine. The invitation to consider Christ this Christmastime was clear and engaging, and 99 of the 100 beautifully wrapped Uncover Gospels were taken away by guests!Clare Lucas, Staff Worker in London

Five hundred students from the four universities in Manchester gathered together to sing carols, hear readings and listen to Lindsay Brown (evangelist and their mission-week speaker) proclaim the message of Christmas. We were very blessed to have incredibly talented musicians from the Royal Northern College of Music to play the carols. This is the biggest one-off event the CUs organise in the year. I was encouraged to see CU students being bold in inviting friends and talking to them afterwards.– Sam Pilgrim, Staff Worker in Manchester and Salford

Over 240 students came to the Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian CUs’ carol service and heard a clear, gospel-centred Christmas talk. The event was held in Glasgow Cathedral, with the Strathclyde University Concert Band playing the carols. Wonderfully, 11 people indicated on the response form that they either had made a commitment to follow Christ that evening or wanted to know more. Each of these students will be paired up with a CU member to read through Uncover John.’ – Simon Attwood, Staff Worker in Glasgow

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