23 December

23 December

‘The tiny CU at the Bedford campus of the University of Bedfordshire boldly hosted their first-ever carol service!

After attending a recent weekend away for small CUs in the region, Natalie (CU president) was challenged that God calls us to go out of our comfort zones and take risks for Him.

So, she decided to try to put on a carol service. She shared the vision with the CU, got some ideas flowing and made it happen!

This small CU of seven or so members gave out a free bottle of CU-branded washing-up liquid to every kitchen on campus, with a sticker advertising the event. They also invited lots of their friends and were pleased to have around 30 guests attend, which was about as many people as the SU managed to get along to their Christmas party later that evening! One student came as a result of meeting a CU member when they shouted through his open window to ask if he would let them into the accommodation block!  

At the service, I spoke about why God is so much better than Father Christmas, and guests were given a copy of Uncover John Gospel.

One non-Christian student said she was “intrigued” and another resolved to read Uncover John as she left.

Please ask our Father that, in His kindness, someone would come to faith in Bedford by the end of this academic year.’ – Mike Hood, Staff Worker in Bedford, Luton and Cambridge 

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