24 December

Happy Christmas from all of us at UCCF! We hope that you have enjoyed reading, watching and praying with us over the last few weeks. 

For CUs, this Christmas season has been a timely and wonderful opportunity to bring the gospel to bear on the longings, hopes and fears of students as term draws to a close.

This year, we anticipate that over 30,000 students attended a CU carol service. Watch this brief round-up video to see what went on. 

Bonus features (just because it's Christmas!)

Watch UCCF Director, Richard Cunningham, examine the unique opportunity that carol services offer for year-round mission. Watch parts one and two on YouTube.

Read guest blogs from minister and speaker Glen Scrivener, UCCF Staff Worker Simon Attwood and UCCF Relay Worker Sarah Pickett to hear latest news and stories from this year's carol services. 

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