Polish Uncover

7 December

Students all over Britain are inviting their friends to come and see who Jesus is in the pages of Uncover. With seeker-friendly bible studies and space to write and annotate, it’s ideal for those exploring the Christian faith. We’ve heard story after story of CU students praying for their friends, reading Uncover together and excitingly helping their friends take their first steps in the Christian life as they begin to trust in Jesus for themselves!

But it doesn’t stop there. Since Uncover was first produced, we have partnered with student movements around the world to translate the resource into over twenty languages. These include: Arabic, Braille, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish and Welsh. We have editions specially designed for students starting university, and a wealth of resources for student groups, churches and individuals to use.

Not only have these resources been a blessing to the worldwide church, but we’ve seen a huge impact on CUs’ international outreach. Students like Daizy, alongside a group of Chinese students at the University of Northampton, have used supporting materials for Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies in Mandarin Chinese alongside the English translation, to open the word of God in a way that is meaningful to everyone in the group. Daizy says, ‘Having the translation really helped. They all asked good questions and answered brilliantly. It was such an amazing encouragement! God is at work! It’s great to use Uncover in Chinese to gain clarity where they are struggling, especially with some of the religious language that they haven't heard of or learnt in English before.’

Our most recent translation has been Uncover in Polish. Zobacz sam (see for yourself) more about how God is working through Uncover, by signing up to regular email updates

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