God's glory in His Son

The table is set, the turkey is roasting, you’re wearing a ridiculous Christmas jumper and the doorbell rings. The moment has arrived. Guests stumble in and thaw out, we begin to engage in their stories and welcome them into ours. 

What a wonderful reflection of what happened that first Christmas. This is how John puts it in his prologue:

‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.’

The eternal Word became flesh and lived among us – the incarnation is the greatest wonder of the Christmas story.

It’s a wonder that God the Son would become man without ceasing to be God. In Christ, God is revealed to us in flesh and blood. As Jesus walks the pages of Scripture, John tells us that we have seen His glory. And not only that, but that as we gaze upon the incarnate Word, we have seen the glory of the Father!

Seeing God’s glory was deadly in the Old Testament – so how is it that we can gaze upon God’s glory in Christ? We find our answer there in John 1:14.

Jesus reveals God’s glory – full of grace and truth.

In Christ, God’s glory is revealed graciously, not consuming us in our sin. Rather, our sins are consumed by Him on the cross. His glory is revealed by the full depth of grace displayed on the cross.

God’s glory is also truly revealed, uncompromisingly evident in all its facets, in Christ. The Son displays God’s glory, He lives it and embodies it in the incarnation, acting in faithfulness to His own character.

And He enters into our story – as the Word becomes flesh, He welcome us into His glorious story. How wonderful that we can know God.

Getting to know Jesus

This Christmas, amid the festivities of a carol service, CUs are inviting students to be drawn to and examine the person of Jesus. 

One such student is Pippa, friend of Newcastle CU member Megan. Megan invited Pippa to join the CU hall group as they read through Uncover Mark together, but was nervous about how she would find it. Wonderfully, Pippa was deeply engaged with the study, and blown away by the story of Jairus’ daughter. She said, ‘It’s amazing to see how Jesus doesn’t care about where you’ve come from or how important you are but has compassion on all.’ She had a long chat with Megan afterwards, and said, ‘I really think this Jesus could be for me!’


As part of our Uncover Mark resources, we've produced a series of spoken word videos, encouraging students to explore Jesus in Mark's Gospel. This video, 'Who?', centres around Mark chapter 8, and invites students to consider issues of identity in the context of who Jesus says He is.

Join with us in praying for many to have their eyes opened, and to see God’s glory as they experience His love this Christmas.


Heavenly Father, thank you that in Christ, your glory is revealed. We long for those around us, and unbelieving students, to see your glory for themselves and trust in you. Please work in their hearts, by your Spirit, to bring them into new life. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Could you show this video and use this prayer in your church to help you pray for students?

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