God With Us

Amongst the decorations and gingerbread lattes, there’s something outrageous going on at Christmas. In the middle of history, God stepped into our world in the person of Jesus.

We can be so over-familiar with the Christmas story, that the magnitude of what took place in Bethlehem a couple of millennia ago can simply pass us by. So let’s pause, and reflect:




God with us.

This is how Luke’s account of Jesus’ life records Simeon’s response to meeting the infant Jesus:

For my eyes have seen your salvation,
which you have prepared in the sight of all nations:
 a light for revelation’

As I walk around the shops on a clear, crisp evening and darkness envelopes the skies, the light of the shop windows on the tree draws me in, compelled.

It’s the same with Jesus. As we gaze on Jesus, we discover more of who God is. In Jesus, God makes Himself known to us. He reveals himself to us. As Simeon says on meeting the baby, He is a ‘light for revelation’.

In Jesus the God of Christianity is known and knowable. And what a God we find: A God who is not cold or distant but intimately involved as He enters into our world in space, time and history. A God who is not haughty but humble, giving up the glory of heaven to become a man. A God who is not uncaring but passionate about justice and love as He dies on a cross.

At Christmas we are invited again to sit forward and be drawn in by the person of Jesus, the light of the world, who illuminates and reveals God – who longs to be with us.

Ben Harding, UCCF Relay Coordinator

'I am so excited to learn more about who Jesus is and what He has to say to me!'

This Christmas, among the festivities of a carol service, CUs are inviting students to be drawn to and examine the person of Jesus. One particular highlight has been the story of James (name changed).

He’s begun reading through Uncover Mark (a hardback copy of Mark’s Gospel with eight seeker Bible studies) with a Relay Worker (Ben) and has begun to see that Jesus is more than a man, to see that He is God’s Son. Ben says:

‘James is so hungry for the gospel, saying, and I quote, "I am so excited to learn more about who Jesus is and what He has to say to me!" As we’ve used Uncover Mark together, it’s been amazing to see him begin to twig that Jesus was not just a good teacher and philosopher, not just someone that has good moral teaching for us today. But, the miracles and things he said point to His divinity and why He came to earth.’

Carol services

We hope that you’ll join with us in praying for upcoming CU carol services, asking that many would see that Jesus is the Light of the World, perhaps for the very first time, this month. The first carols will take place on 26 November with many others following soon after and throughout December.  

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Pray with us

Heavenly Father, thank you that you stepped into our world as a man and made yourself known to us. We praise you that you are our creator and saviour, and rejoice that Jesus really is the Light of the World. Help us to remember this truth this Christmas and please give us, and CU students, opportunities to share it with those around us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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