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Making your CU accessible - sight problems

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) reports that there are approximately 2 million people in the UK with sight problems. Not all of these people will be registered as blind or partially sighted, but all have un-correctable sight loss. Some people are born blind or partially sighted. For many others sight loss develops over a period of time.

Many blind people are resourceful and resilient as they have had to find ways of negotiating a world designed for sighted people.  In some cases this will have given them a strong sense of self-confidence, although for others certain activities such as getting around by public transport remain daunting. There is no reason why someone with a visual impairment shouldn’t excel academically (our own Chair of Trustees is blind and has a PhD.)

Additional Resources –  for more information on all aspects of sight loss – for information on deafblindness –  for Christian resources and support for blind and visually impaired people

This resource is part of our Accessible CU series, created especially for Christian Unions by Through The Roof, a Christian Disability charity. To read this article in full, and other articles on including disabled students, download the student version of Through the Roof's publication Be a Roofbreaker for just £3.


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