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Making your CU accessible - epilepsy

There are over 450, 000 people in the UK with epilepsy, which is a tendency to have recurrent seizures.  Some seizures may be highly visible with convulsions and loss of consciousness, others may be much less noticeable. A seizure occurs when excess electrical activity in an area of the brain causes a temporary disruption in its function.

Many people with epilepsy do not want others to know of their condition because they have experienced negative attitudes in the past. However, if there is a basic understanding of the condition and how it can be managed, people with epilepsy can take a full part in CU activities. Many of them will be resilient and resourceful, having learned how to manage their condition and will be well aware of their abilities and limitations.

Additional Resources - Epilepsy Action provides further information. 

This resource is part of our Accessible CU series, created especially for Christian Unions by Through The Roof, a Christian Disability charity. To read this article in full, and other articles on including disabled students, download the student version of Through the Roof's publication Be a Roofbreaker for just £3.


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