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Making your CU accessible - speech difficulties

People with speech difficulties are often isolated as a result of other people's fears that they will not be able to understand what is being said to them. However, the person with a speech difficulty will be used to the problems of communication and will be patient. Remember, they probably won’t have difficulty understanding you.  

Someone who has learned to negotiate life with the difficulties of a speech impediment will probably turn out to be a very caring and empathetic member of your CU.

Additional Resources – Charity helping children and young people affected by speech, language and communication difficulties. – British Stammering Association, offering support to all those affected by stammering. – Information on communication difficulties caused by aphasia.

This resource is part of our Accessible CU series, created especially for Christian Unions by Through The Roof, a Christian Disability charity. To read this article in full, and other articles on including disabled students, download the student version of Through the Roof's publication Be a Roofbreaker for just £3.


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