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Making your CU accessible - wheelchair users

You may be restricted in your choice of venue.  But if you want to be fully inclusive, ask your SU to help allocate an accessible venue for your meetings – they should be committed to improving access and diversity.

Many wheelchair users have learned to be adaptable and to overcome obstacles with good humour.  But with the best will in the world, if a venue doesn’t have level access, they can’t get in.  But once enabled to belong to your CU, many wheelchair users will be enthusiastic about using their talents to serve and help in what you are doing.

This resource is part of our Accessible CU series, created especially for Christian Unions by Through The Roof, a Christian Disability charity. To read this article in full, and other articles on including disabled students, download the student version of Through the Roof's publication Be a Roofbreaker for just £3.


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