North West

Forum North West

Get started in CU Leadership with Christian Union leaders from across the North West region.

Be trained, equipped and released for student mission

From the morning and evening celebrations, to a host of leadership skills and Small Group Leaders’ seminars, our team of experienced UCCF Christian Union Staff Workers will ensure that you have everything you need to carry out your CU leadership responsibilities for the coming year.

Share ideas and be supported

Forum North West gives you the opportunity to meet with CU leaders from across the region so you can share ideas, pray for student mission and stand with one another as you lead your Christian Union this year.

Who’s it for?

Exec Committee

Are you on the CU Executive Committee? There is a number of training sessions specifically to train and envision you as an exec, to work together as a team.  These will include specific skills training designed to make every member of your team more effective in motivating your CUs for mission, from within their role. So whatever your leadership role on or off exec, we will help you get off to the best start, as you begin to think how you can serve and lead your CU.

Small Group Leaders

The UCCF team will put on a specialist CU Small Group Leaders’ training seminar for those involved with leading small, hall, cell or college groups. You will be trained in how to lead your group humbly, faithfully and with a missional focus.

Other Leadership Roles

If you are working with international students, part of the mission or events week planning team  or are involved with any other type of CU leadership role, Forum North West will give you the opportunity to be inspired, encouraged and equipped for your role.

Small CUs

If you are part of a small CU, you are likely to be helping lead it even if you’re not officially a leader. Bring along the group from your CU and we will help you think through how to apply a cutting edge small CU mission strategy. 

Our Speaker

This year we are thrilled to have Derek Burnside as our speaker. Derek is Principle of Capernwray Bible School near Lancaster. Formerly a CU Staff worker in the South East and then a Church leader at Belmont Chapel, Exeter, Derek will bring great clarity and warm enthusiasm for CU mission teams on campus, with bible readings on CU leadership.


Please arrive between 7 and 7:30pm on Friday 1 March 2019. Dinner will be provided.

We will finish with Sunday lunch and you will be free to leave by 2pm on Sunday 3 March 2019.


Balshaw's CE High School,

Church Road,



PR 25 3AH


There’s plenty of parking if you’re driving. You’ll need to drive up the central driveway (signposted ‘no entry’!). If you are travelling by train, please contact your Staff Worker to arrange a lift from the station.

What to bring:


The weekend costs £37 in total.

Book online

Bookings close on 25 February 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Christian Union Staff Worker or Adam Jones.


  1. If you would like to apply for a refund, please note that they are given at the discretion of UCCF and are not issued automatically. We consider refunds in the event of an unexpected university event or personal health issue, which prevents you from attending.
  2. Request for refund should be sent to your UCCF Regional Team Leader with a letter of explanation from your university or doctor.
  3. All refunds will be subject to a £10 administration charge.
  4. No refunds for a refund will be considered once the Regional Forum event has finished at 2pm Sunday.
  5. Should you fail to provide your bank details by 31 March 2019, then regrettably we will be unable to But we hope we’ll see you there!


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