Word Alive 2020

Arts Network at Word Alive

At Word Alive (4-9th April 2020) you can know the wonder of God speaking to you, changing and equipping you for all of life, while having time to relax and enjoy time together. It is a holiday away with your CU or Network but as part of the wider Church.

On offer at Word Alive 2020 are six UCCF Leadership Network tracks in Arts, Music, Science, Theology, Law and Politics. If you study any of these subjects and hope to go in to the field after you graduate, then a Word Alive LN track is a must for you! It will help you to think about how to engage with the big questions your subject raises for Christians and how to live as a faithful Christian, both now and in the future. You will have the opportunity to meet other likeminded people (both students and those working in your industry) and help you think about how you will transition into the working world.

Each day there will be a seminar specifically for you with the opportunity to receive teaching, ask questions and have discussions. On top of that, there are discussion groups each day where you meet as a smaller group to think about what you have heard, discuss it, share challenges and pray together. Each of the Networks looks slightly different but there will be opportunities for networking, mentoring and one-to-one discussion with leaders in your field.

To book a place with the Arts Network group chalets at Word Alive 2020 click the button below. You can also book a place with the Music Network group chalets. For any of the other Networks book a place with your CU group or contact your staff worker for booking information.

Arts and Music students can attend Word Alive with their CU group or with the Network group. Please book with your CU group if you would like to come with them or fill in the online form to attend with the Network.

The cost of a place is £130 per person. Some discounts are available for Network students who would otherwise not be able to attend. Contact your staff worker for more information before booking.

Please note: If you attend Word Alive with a bursary you are required to attend that Network track and the Network discussion groups.

Sorry, it's too late to book for Arts Network at Word Alive

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Sorry, it's too late to book for Arts Network at Word Alive


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