Exhibiting and Advertising at Forum

Exhibiting and Advertising at Forum

Forum is UCCF’s annual conference for student leaders in Christian Unions (CUs). Find out more about what a CU is, and our vision and values. 

Gather with students, Relay WorkersUCCF staff and others at the Quinta Christian Centre in Shropshire to be trained and equipped for CU mission from 24 - 28 August.

We will see over 1000 students in CU leadership positions inspired to reach their unbelieving friends with the good news of Jesus in the coming academic year

Could you join us in the task?

Could your organisation help us in preparing students for their CU mission, their own walk and life beyond university?

Find out more about Forum 2020 

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24 - 28 August 2020. We hope to see you there.


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