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Forum Hub


With so many mission minded students in one place, this is a unique opportunity for your organisation to engage, inspire and broaden minds of mission for their CU, for themselves, and beyond.

The Hub is a relaxed but buzzing marquee at the centre of the action, next to the main Arena. You’ll be there along with the Relay Café and the book shop, inspiring and cultivating mission centred conversation.

Apply to Exhibit

We will provide…

You will be expected to attend the full week, from the Tuesday morning setup until the Friday night packdown



(including VAT)

Early bird

discount (10%)

2x2 stand



2x3 stand



Tables £10 each

Chairs £4 each

Additional 5-amp socket £30 each

Free online advertising

Submit your application by the beginning of May and we will share details of your organisation with students in the run up to Forum.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be in touch in with students before the event, which we hope will lead to more direct and intentional conversations at the stand.

Early Bird booking deadline: 26 April 2019

Application closing date: 21 June 2019

See our general FAQs page for more information.

*Passes are non-transferable between different staff during the week and there must never be more than TWO staff on a stand at any one time.

**Caravans incur a small additional cost.

You must keep within the stand space you have been allocated. Extra space for storage is not available. If any items are creating a health and safety risk we will ask that they be removed.

Wider engagement opportunities

There are many ways to get involved with the wider Forum experience. Social media plays a key role during the week and we encourage you to get involved with this. We also seek to involve exhibitors in areas such as the morning prayer meetings, training seminars and the After Hours sessions.

Got questions? Try our FAQ page.

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