Exhibiting and Advertising at Forum

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.


Your oragnisation will be referred to as "you" and "exhibitors" or "advertisers".

The organisers are "UCCF", "we", and "us".


1. Practical stand requirements

1.1. Your stand must fit entirely within the space you book and be no higher than 2.5m.

1.2. You may not sell, sub-let, advertise or share your stand with another organisation.

1.3. Exhibitors cannot sell any items without the permission of UCCF.

1.4. Exhibitors are not permitted to hand out material anywhere on site except at their stand. Distributing material on café tables and fly posting is prohibited (excluding any pre-existing agreements made with the Hub Co-ordinator).

2. Allocation of Stand and Advertising Space

2.1. UCCf has the right to allocate stands at our discretion.

2.2. Specific stall locations may be requested but cannot be guaranteed.

2.3. We reserve the right to re-allocate or remove stands, to close or move entrances or exits, to adjust stands and make other layout changes as necessary and at our discretion, both prior and during the event. As such, no refunds will be provided due to changes in allocation of stand space.

3. Staffing and Behavioural Conduct

3.1. You will have no more than two exhibitors on a stand at any time.

3.2. You will need to ensure that your stand is manned at all official exhibition area opening times. 

3.3. Exhibitors must be no younger than 18 years old.

3.4. Exhibitors are expected to be polite and considerate towards delegates; being gracious towards those whose opinions or views differ from their own.

3.5 UCCF reserves the right to cancel an organisation’s space in the exhibition area, or to ask exhibitors to leave, if any individual neglects to operate within this spirit.

3.6. Exhibiting organisations must be in sympathy with the UCCF Doctrinal Basis. A copy of our Doctrinal Basis may be found on our website: www.uccf.org.uk/about/doctrinal-basis.htm

3.7. The Quinta Christian Centre is an alcohol-free site. Exhibitors are asked to kindly respect this.

3.8. Each stand is entitled to two £1 vouchers per exhibitor per day for use at the Relay Café. Vouchers will be handed out at the beginning of the week, and you will have four for each day.  Vouchers can be used towards the purchase of any drink at the Relay Café. Please note, no change will be given and only one voucher can be used per drink. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or used to purchase snacks.

3.9. Exhibitors are prohibited from packing down before the close of the exhibition on the Friday night.

4. Safety and Insurance

4.1. All applicants exhibiting in the Hub will be required to provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of no less than £5 million and an Indemnity to Principals clause including subrogation rights.

4.2. It is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance covers any items brought on-site and that any valuables, or sensitive items, are kept by you at all times.

4.3. Any electrical equipment you use must have a current PAT certificate and comply with safety requirements. Any electrical item generating heat (such as kettles, or portable heaters) must not be used without prior permission from the Hub Co-ordinator and on-site electrical team.

4.4. Cables are not to be ‘daisy-chained’ under any circumstances.

4.5. All equipment must be stable or secured – any cables, ropes etc. running across your walk space must be taped down.


5. Cancellation

5.1. All cancellations must be notified in writing to Laura, the Hub Co-ordinator at hub@uccf.org.uk

5.2. If an exhibition stand cancellation complies with the above and is received before 26 June 2020, organisations will receive a full refund minus a 5% administration fee. Where notice of cancellation is received after 26 June 2020 then no refund will be provided under any circumstances.

5.4. If it is necessary for us to cancel your participation in the conference, we will notify you as soon as possible. In all circumstances except in the case that it is because an organisation has not attained sufficient insurance liability; a full refund will be provided.


6.1 Advertisement cancellations notified in writing and received before 26 June 2020 will receive a full refund minus a 5% administration fee. Cancellations after 26 June 2020 will be liable for the full price of the advertisement.

6.2 We reserve the right to remove adverts for other programme changes as necessary and at our discretion. If in the unlikely circumstance that this happens, UCCF will contact you and offer a full refund. 


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