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You don’t have to exhibit to advertise in our Forum programme.  

The programme is an A5 booklet, and prices vary depending on page size. 

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Page size Price

Full page (inside cover)


Full page (normal page)


Half page


Quarter page


Prices do not include VAT. Zero rating forms are available upon request.

Apply to advertise

Please send the artwork for your advert to hub@uccf.org.uk by 28 June 2019.

We can accept pdf, tiff and eps. Please ensure the artwork is supplied as print-ready (including a 3mm bleed), CMYK printing only.

If you have any questions about the spec, try our FAQ page or please contact Laura on 01865 253 664. Please be prompt in informing us if you no longer wish to advertise, so others can take the space.

There is a 10% Early Bird booking discount for advertising bookings before 26 April 2019.


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