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Never been to Forum? Here's the run-down.

Forum takes place at the Quinta Christian Centre. Your accommodation choice will affect how you navigate the site, as we have a mix of indoor accommodation, alongside a large campsite.

The main meetings at Forum are held in large marquees next to the campsite. Workshops are held across the site in a mix of indoor rooms and marquees.

Don’t bring any valuables on to the site that you can’t carry with you at all times. We are not able to provide facilities for locking away valuables and our insurance will not cover the loss, theft or breakage of such items. There are volunteer security stewards patrolling overnight and the local police increase their patrols during Forum for our added sense of well-being. In all cases, you are surrounded by friends – brothers and sisters in Christ – who are there to help you make the most of Forum, so don’t worry, just be sensible!

Forum for All

UCCF believes that disabled students have a vital role to play in student mission at University. We are pleased to welcome back the Christian disability charity ‘Through The Roof’ to Forum, to help us think about including people with disabilities in our CU mission.

UCCF is committed to making Forum accessible for all CU students. If you are hearing or sight impaired please let us know how we can best support you in Main Meetings. If you require disabled accommodation please contact us as availability is limited.

If you have any questions about how we can best support your visit to Forum please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Top tip: The ideal is to look out for yourself and one another, from sharing marigolds to zipping up an empty tent.


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