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Camping at Forum

What to bring: Self-Catered Camping

Unless you want to sleep under the stars, we recommend self-catered campers bring a few things with them, like a tent, air-bed or roll matt, sleeping bag, optional pillow, warm clothes, towel and toiletries.

We can show you where to camp with your UCCF Regional Village and help you set up your tent when you arrive. It does get cold at night so pack that extra blanket (or two!), warm hat and jumper.

Bring a stove for cooking on the Regional Green of your campsite and something to store food in (a cool bag or ice box). Late summer nights in the Shropshire countryside are dark, so bring a torch for when the lights go out. Everyone should bring their own sleeping bag, towel, toiletries, Bible and notebook. And don’t forget cash for books and the offering!

Hire Camping Equipment: Don’t own a tent? You can hire tents, cooking equipment and more from ‘Farmer John’ – delivered straight to Forum. Check Farmer John's website for information about availability and rates. To order, we recommend booking by phone or post: ‘Farmer John’ doesn’t really do emails! Forum delegates have used ‘Farmer John’ in the past, but UCCF cannot accept any responsibility for the service he offers.

When you’re packing, imagine five days of glorious sunshine and five days of rain… and then pack for both. We’re talking wellies and sun-cream; umbrellas and sunglasses; raincoats and shorts.

Don’t forget you’ll need ground sheets, tent poles and pegs to go with your canvas. There are a few spare supplies in the Forum office if something goes awry, but check everything at home before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

We’ll provide showers, toilets, washing-up sinks and fresh water taps at various places. You need to bring a washing-up bowl, tea towels and a scrubbing brush. Each Regional Village will have space to gather, so bring your deck chair. Often CUs plan together to share tents, camping supplies, and catering.

There is a freezer available to refreeze ice-packs for cool bags or ice boxes (but not to freeze your food). Look for the signs. There are no fridge facilities on the campsite.

Top tip: Please bring your own reusable water bottle to fill up at taps or at meals throughout the week. Dehydration is not our friend!


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