Bible Reading


Our leadership in CU mission is built on biblical truth, empowered by God’s grace, and compelled by the love of Christ. Therefore, we will get together twice a day for main meetings in the Arena where we will meet with Jesus through God’s Word and by His Spirit.

Christopher Ash – author and pastor

Christopher is Writer-in-Residence at Tyndale House and Ministry Trainer at St Andrew the Great, both in Cambridge. After working in telecommunications and school teaching, he served as a pastor before leading the Cornhill Training Course. Christopher is married to Carolyn and they have been entrusted with three sons and a daughter, all grown up, and three grandchildren. Sad to say, Christopher follows Swansea City FC. Christopher will teach us from 2 Corinthians each morning.

Mike Pilavachi – Executive Director, Soul Survivor Ministries

Mike heads up Soul Survivor Ministries, a charity that aims to equip young people to live their lives for Jesus, as well as pastoring the associated church, Soul Survivor Watford. Mike speaks at conferences around the world, trying to make people laugh and point them towards Jesus at the same time. He has written a number of books, the latest which is called Everyday Supernatural. In his spare time, he loves cooking, watching West Wing one more time and tending his grape vines! Mike will encourage us to lead in hope on the final evening.

Naomi Dawson –  Uncover and Science Network Developer, UCCF: The Christian Unions

Naomi has worked with UCCF in a variety of roles and is now enjoying helping science students to love their subject and become confident in speaking about Jesus. She is married to Jon and has two young daughters. She will be co-leading our second evening on ‘Leading in God’s image’.

Peter Dray –  Head of Creative Evangelism, UCCF: The Christian Unions

Peter has worked with UCCF in various role for the past 14 years.  An exile from the south to Yorkshire, he lives with his wife and two young sons, and is constantly surprised by the presence of his beloved AFC Bournemouth in the ranks of the Premier League.

Dorcas González – Field Director's Team, GBU Spain

Dorcas develops evangelistic strategy and resources for GBU, UCCF's sister movement in Spain. She finished her degree in translation at Barcelona University and became a Relay Worker in North Wales. They say she loves asking questions, but Dorcas will be our featured IFES guest in our Thursday evening World Mission Focus about leading in reconcilliation. 

Tim Rudge – Field Director, UCCF: The Christian Unions

Tim has been the Field Director of UCCF since 2006, overseeing UCCF Team Leaders and CU Staff Workers. He had five years’ experience with IFES in Eurasia. He lives in north Birmingham with his wife Lynn and their two children. Tim will speak on the first evening of Forum.

Richard Cunningham – Director, UCCF: The Christian Unions

Richard has been the Director of UCCF since 2004. He has led initiatives in confronting secular thought in universities across Britain and Europe. Richard and Ruth are parents of five children and are also grandparents. You’ll see Richard on the Arena platform throughout the week.

More speakers to follow!


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