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Volunteer at Forum

Forum relies on a fantastic team of volunteers to serve in a variety of ways including:

‘Through volunteering, I have been equipped to come back and serve my CU, my church and everyone else in so many ways.’

‘Volunteering is fun and because I benefited a lot from going to Forum when I was leading CU, I can see how necessary the volunteers are.’

‘Volunteering at Forum was a great experience, challenging and fun at the same time. It's a worthwhile thing to do and the team dynamic is great.’

Food and indoor accommodation will be provided free of charge.

Volunteering roles

Please bear in mind that while meal times and breaks are provided, volunteering is a full-time role at Forum – so it may not be possible to accommodate your role around specific aspects of the programme, for example. In addition, some volunteers are required to arrive in the days leading up to the event, and we need most to stay until 16:30 on the day the event finishes to help with packing and cleaning.


The back-bone of Forum, stewards provide essential support throughout the week. Part of a large team, you will help manage our venues, including the main meetings, teaching tracks, and After Hours events. You will help set up facilities for meetings and provide day-time site security through patrols. Stewards with any technical experience with small PA or recording equipment will also be valuable for recording workshops. If you can work well as part of a team, and are a problem solver with a helpful and friendly attitude then we’d love to hear from you!

We’re also looking for stewards with skill or experience in carpentry, painting or textiles to assist with on-site preparations. If you specialise in any of these areas please indicate this in your application form.


Volunteers who join the production team need to have experience in running small PA systems and using recording equipment - an ability to operate multimedia (AV) equipment is also valuable, but not essential. You’ll be able to use your gifts to serve the IT and technical needs of our main meetings, teaching tracks and workshops, plus After Hours events.

Female First Aider 

If you have an up-to-date First Aid qualification then we would love to hear from you! We need a female first aider to support the health and safety needs of the students and staff at Forum. We will provide all the equipment you need including an extensive first aid kit, a designated first aid area, plus your own walkie-talkie! Being able to deal with everything from bruises to broken bones with a calm, caring and common-sense attitude is essential.


We need stewards at Forum who will act predominantly as drivers. With various guests arriving throughout the week we need drivers on standby to provide essential transport. You may be taking people to the nearest train station, making a few essential trips to the nearest Sainsbury’s, or helping the hospitality team who often transport heavy things across site. You will need a valid UK drivers licence, and be able to bring your car to Forum – depending on your sense of direction bringing a satnav could be useful! We will of course reimburse all petrol costs used throughout the week. When not driving, you’ll be able to take part in other steward activities.


Kitchen Assistants 

You’ll be working in small teams under the supervision of the professional catering staff in the kitchens. No special cooking skills will be required as everything will be explained by the professional catering team, but if you enjoy preparing food that’s a plus! If you work well taking instructions, and enjoy a scheduled routine this could be the role for you!

Night Security

For more information, contact us.


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