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Uncovering Jesus in Mark's Gospel

Responding to enthusiasm and demand from CUs, we have begun to create a new Uncover resource, which will enable the next generation of undergraduates to discover more about Jesus, this time through Mark’s Gospel.

Uncover Mark will consist of a hardback, pocket-sized Mark’s Gospel with eight seeker Bible studies, videos and further resources online. These resources are being carefully crafted with “Generation Z” in mind to provide an appealing, interactive and easy-to-use way for students to investigate the Gospel and consider Jesus for themselves.

Could you come alongside us and turn these plans and aspirations into reality by helping to fund the production of Uncover Mark?

By providing this high-quality resource for CUs to give to their friends and to use in small group evangelism and large-scale mission events, many more students will be reached and given a chance to discover Jesus.


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