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Regular Gift

Regular giving is one of the best ways to support the work of UCCF and maintain the sustainability of our ministry.

One of the big challenges of working with students is the necessity to keep our approach fresh and relevant. Thinking of new ideas and new ways to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in campuses all over the country requires a lot of forward thinking and planning ahead. Knowing that we have regular gifts enables UCCF to plan ahead for the year and allocate funds most effectively. It also allows us to develop new resources and plan for new projects in future years.

At UCCF we believe that our supporters aren't just financing our ministry, but feel like they are partnering with us in our ministry. We want you to feel like you are connected and involved in our mission of making Jesus known in universities around the country. To give you some idea of how your donations could be helping our work:

General Ministry

Making regular donations to our general ministry is the most effective way of ensuring the long-term sustainability of our work with students. We can use these gifts when planning for our future work.

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Christian Unions in a particular area

Regular giving to a particular region is of vital importance in funding the work of Staff Workers in that area. Receiving news and updates is a great way of seeing how your regular donation can be making a difference.

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A Christian Union Staff Worker

Our Staff Workers raise as much as they can towards their costs. Giving regularly to someone you know is the best way to ensure their ministry is sustainable.

Support a Staff Worker

A Relay Worker

Relay is a fantastic year of discipleship and training for graduates who love working with CUs.

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