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Reading Uncover Mark

16 Days of Mark

This autumn, we are taking the opportunity to read the Gospel of Mark as a fellowship. Together as staff, Relay Workers, students and supporters, we’ll read one chapter of Mark per day over the course of 16 days (1–16 November).

God’s Word brings new life…

The Christian Unions have been using Uncover Mark more and more this past year. And time and time again, this has played a large part in helping seeking students come to new life.

‘Tom was one of the first friends I made at St Andrews. As we got to know each other, we chatted lots about Christianity, but I was a chicken through and through. I’d been thinking of suggesting reading Uncover Mark but was unsure how to do it – however my lack of courage didn’t stop God’s plan! At a CU event, I flippantly remarked that I had a free book and, as Tom skimmed through, I mentioned that it was meant to be read with someone else. ‘So, Friday then?’ he asked. We went through it pretty slowly, but conversation flowed because are so many exciting things in Mark and lots of stories that lead to questions. In April, everything seemed to click. Tom went to see the CU’s performance of The Mark Drama, and he explained that because of the performance, and going to three different church services in that one weekend, everything had finally fallen into place – it wasn’t just head knowledge, it was in the heart. I then embarrassed poor Tom by crying joyfully into my tea! God worked through His Word and His people in St Andrews to relentlessly pursue Tom, and I feel unbelievably blessed to call him ‘brother’.’ – Catherine, a first-year member of St Andrews CU

… so, what’s stopping us from using it?

As Catherine said, it can be scary to open the Bible with a friend, but one CU member commented that ‘familiarity with Mark’s Gospel and especially with the big picture of how the whole gospel works together’ made it easier to ask.

We’re encouraging CU students to become more familiar with Mark’s Gospel as a whole, not just the Uncover studies,  by reading one chapter of Mark each day in November, and in doing so to grow their confidence in asking friends to open the Bible.

And we'd love to open the invitation to you.

Could you join us to:

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