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Carol Service at Leeds

22,000 students attend CU carol services

An estimated 22,000 students across seventy-four university campuses attended a Christian Union carol service in 2012, the biggest of which drew over 3,000 attendees.

Associate Christian Union Staff Worker Michael Ots was the speaker at the Durham Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (DICCU) carol service. He commented, ‘It was awesome to see over 3,000 people packing every corner of the cathedral to hear about Jesus. It’s not unusual for [carol-service] attendance to be at least four times that of the CU. In Durham it was ten times! Student carol services are probably the most effective events of the whole year.’

Exeter Christian Union also hosted around 3,000 people and gave away just as many Uncover Gospels. Exeter Christian Union Staff Worker Tom Murray said, ‘That works out at roughly 2.5 per cent of the population of Exeter all hearing the good news of Jesus in one evening, which is just phenomenal.’

Carol services provide a strategic opportunity for Christian Unions to prepare their members for their Spring mission/events weeks. There have been around 90 CU mission weeks in the 2012/13 academic year in which UCCF’s national pray for 5, give to 5, read with 5 campaign will see 10,000 of their most committed and core CU members attempt to reach 50,000 students with the Gospel of Luke.

Apologies for posting this in March but it's taken us a bit of time to collate all the figures (ed).

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