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5 gospel reminders from Word Alive

This Easter, we escaped to Prestatyn on the North Welsh coast, with over 100 CU groups, to join with churches and Christians from Great Britain and further afield. Here’s five things we celebrated about the gospel at Word Alive.

1. The gospel is all about grace

Each day, students gathered ito read and discuss a Bible passage with other students from their region and their local Staff or Relay Worker. For some students, it was a life-changing moment of understanding God’s unparalleled love for us:

2. The gospel is about family

'After a busy semester, Word Alive was exactly what I needed. It was so great to come together as God's church from all over the UK to worship, learn and be challenged.'

– Eleanor, Cardiff CU Evangelism Secretary

Word Alive is a conference that goes beyond the student bubble. Church members and Christians from across Great Britain and beyond were all gathered together to worship, listen and discuss the gospel during the week.

This gave students in our Leadership Network the opportunity to connect with Christian professionals in the wider spheres of music, art, theology, science, politics and law. It also gave us the chance to connect with school leavers headed to university, and countless people who began a lifetime of living and speaking for Jesus as students.

One highlight from the week was to gather those involved in student ministry in both church and CU and hear from Sam Allberry. If you loved the event or missed out, don’t miss our Student Worker Forum in August or our monthly student ministry email.

3. The gospel is about the whole world

 We were hugely encouraged to be joined by our brother and sister from Nigeria, Ben and Gloria Kwashi.

Friends International hosted a track for international students, including those who had come to faith through student mission and many who were weighing up how to return home as a Christian. Read more about what they got up to. 

4. The gospel makes a difference to real life

In our evening celebrations each day, a range of speakers took us through the Psalms, brilliantly capturing our experiences of life and faith in a format the captures our hearts. This was echoed by sung worship led by Olly Knight and his band and Ben Slee and the team from ChristChurch Mayfair.

For students carrying real-life burdens, this week presented a gospel big enough for questions, struggles and pain. The God who spoke to David as he wrote the Psalms calls us to cry out to Him. In the lead up to Easter, as we looked to Jesus on the cross, we looked to the God who is with us. And when we look to his glorious resurrection, we look to a gospel message that gives hope, celebration and new life!

5. The gospel sends us out, together.

‘By day four, it filled my heart with joy to hear the girls sharing specific encouragements and challenges that they were taking away from the week, because God really had spoken to them.  Not only this, but the week has allowed me to deepen relationships with many of the students as we enjoyed beach trips, fish and chips, go karting and games. As we come back to Cardiff, there is even more joy in doing mission alongside them, getting to call them friends, having really shared life with them.’ 

–  CU Staff Worker Hayley Marchant

Word Alive was a chance for CUs – made up of students from different courses, friendship groups and churches – to grow together as a mission team.

Pray for students as they head back to university this term. Pray that they will be reminded of the goodness and truth of the gospel, that God will strengthen and use their united witness and give them opportunities to invite others to know this life-changing message.

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