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Word Alive 2020

5 reasons to come to Word Alive

Get a job. Get a tan. Get ahead on revision. There’s a lot of ways to spend an Easter Holiday. But this April, make sure you don’t miss out on coming to Word Alive.

When UCCF Team Leader JP was a student, Word Alive was a highlight of his Easter each year, and he can’t wait to come back again – here are his top five reasons why you should come too.

1. Come for a holiday with friends

Rest and relax together as you enjoy an exciting and inspiring week that will equip you and your friends to thrive in every area of life. Spend time with your friends and make new ones too as you eat, learn, worship, rest and unwind together. Share life over a meal, pray after a seminar, bond over a round of golf or just chill out at an acoustic night. Enjoy a Holiday with friends at Word Alive this Easter.

2. Come for time with CU

Love CU? Love Word Alive! Come with your Committee, come with your Hall Group, come with your CU. After all, you’ve spent a term giving to your uni and you’re about to head back to the front line again. So why not spend some time recharging and relaxing? And what happens at Word Alive won’t just stay at Word Alive. Together with others from your CU, take the lessons you’ve learned back to your Uni for the term ahead.

3. Come and be trained for the rest of your life

Are you a future artist, musician, teacher, theologian or politician? To grow in your gifting you'll need two kinds of people - people who are like you and people who aren’t. Those who are like you will encourage you to press on and deeper in your gifting. Those who are different will inspire you to think new thoughts and see the world differently. Meet both at Word Alive. Be a part of UCCF’s Leadership Network and meet others from across the country as you are equipped together to live for Christ in your area of leadership.

4. Come to worship together

Gather together with thousands of other Christians as we praise our High King and Heavenly Father. Be encouraged and spurred on to live for Jesus as we sing His praises shoulder to shoulder morning and evening. I’m excited to worship God together with Christians from all walks of life. So let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly as we sing to God with gratitude in hearts at Word Alive.

5. Come to celebrate, learn and grow

Word Alive offers a unique opportunity to gather high quality Bible teachers from across the country and the world in one place for one week. Had a hard term? Be refreshed with great teaching morning by morning. Want to dig deeper into God’s Word? Enrich your devotion with input from world-class speakers each day. Want to be sent with Christ in the power of the Spirit? Celebrate with God’s people evening by evening and be encouraged to live for Christ in all of life.

See you there!

JP Wright is a UCCF Team Leader in the Central Region.

Want to know more? Click below for more info and for details of discounts for Christian Unions.

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