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5 steps to life-changing follow up

At carol services, thousands of guests hear life-giving good news of Jesus.

But what happens next?

Canon J John shares his top five tips for responding well:

1. Have a clear next step for each person

Whether the person responding is making a profession of faith, a recommitment of faith, or expressing the desire to find out more, there should be a clear next step for each person. Why not run a seeker course in the first weeks after Christmas, or use Uncover  to help your friends explore the gospel further?

2. Have a team dedicated to follow-up

Have a team prepared and ready to speak with anyone after the service who wants to respond. They should know exactly what follow-up is available, be sensitive to the needs of someone working through their response to Christ, and be ready to help them take a clear next step. A separate team should be ready to connect those who leave contact details with an invitation to the next step.

3. Make it easy for those who want to respond to do so

Make it as easy as possible for that next step to be taken. For example, provide response cards and pens on every single seat, and ask everyone to leave them in buckets at the exits it removes a barrier for those reluctant to make an obvious response. The response team can then sort and connect with these contact cards.

4. Give everyone the opportunity to respond, even if it is after the event

You could make use of several Christmas booklets with a clear evangelistic message based on a Christmas theme. (Try these from!) Place one on every seat so people have the opportunity to take material home with them that may in turn help them to take a next step. The booklet should also include your CU’s contact details so that the seeker is able to speak with someone if they want to find out more – or better still, to take their first steps in their new-found faith!

5. Pray earnestly

Ultimately, we recognise our dependence upon Jesus as Lord. Let's do everything we can to help our guests respond, but let's also ask God to be working through His Holy Spirit, to open eyes to the truth and the beauty of the gospel. Let's pray that our friends who come to CU carol services may receive this life-changing good news with gladness!

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