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6 reasons the gospel is transforming universities

In an increasingly secular society such as ours, it might be easy to think that God's mission is on the back foot. But in my experience, that simply has not been the case. In fact, the opposite has been true amongst the students I've had the privilege of working with.

Wonderfully, God's mission is taking ground on campus. Here are just six of the many reasons why:

  1.       When students come to know Jesus, they want to share Him!

Praise God that over this year we have seen students come to faith in Jesus. When people come to faith, they don't wait for permission to share their new found love for Jesus; it's the most natural thing in the world. Often students meet Jesus through the Christian Union and subsequently get involved. New Christians make excellent evangelists!

Pray that Jesus would make students so aware of His love for them that their evangelism is a celebration of the wonder of the gospel.

  1.       Christian students consider themselves missionaries

'I could've found people like me to live with, but I wanted to live with other interns because I want to tell them about Jesus.' Third-year engineering student Hannah* from the University of Nottingham is about to embark on a year out in industry.

Remarkably, her desire to share her life with those who need to hear about Jesus is becoming more and more common; for many in the CU, sharing Jesus directs where they live, how they spend their time and much more.

Thank God that He is raising up students today who are shaping their lives around helping others to know Jesus.

  1.      Students are meeting Jesus in His Word

    'The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.' – Mark 1:1.

Christian Unions throughout Great Britain have been giving their friends the opportunity to consider Jesus for themselves, engaging meaningfully with Mark’s Gospel using Uncover Mark. For many, Jesus has walked off the page and into their lives as Lord.

Praise God that students are opening the Bible with their mates and that God is revealing Himself and transforming students' lives.

  1.      Large-scale events complement personal relationships

At its heart, CU mission consists of a diverse, ordinary and often fearful group of undergrads trusting in Jesus and plucking up the courage to live and speak for Him in everyday campus life. But they are also taking hold of opportunities to host large-scale events that complement and culminate their year-round evangelistic efforts.

This year thousands of students have had the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ as part of a high impact week of events on campus.

In His mercy, God has used events weeks hosted by Christian Unions to point people to His Son. Thank God for what He has done this year through events weeks.

  1.      Graduates serve Christian Unions selflessly

Students around Great Britain have been blessed by committed and talented graduates who serve alongside Christian Unions as part of UCCF’s Relay Programme – a year of mission, discipleship and training for graduates who love Christian Unions.

Around the country Relay Workers are a constant ally, source of wisdom and catalyst for mission.

Please pray next year’s cohort as they prepare to give up a year to grow in Christ as they serve His mission on campus.

  1.      The whole Church partners in campus mission

CU Staff Workers and Relay Workers work alongside Christian Union students who are best placed to reach their friends. They are supported financially and in prayer by thousands of supporters who want to see God’s Kingdom come on university campuses.

Not to mention the thousands of local churches that CU students call home, where they grow, serve and are sent out in mission, and where they bring their friends to be welcomed and discipled as they begin their journeys of faith.

Personally: it is a unique blessing to have over 100 supporters join me on campus each week (in spirit of course). Your prayers do genuinely mean the world to me in the job and do spur me on to continue serving students in mission.

Elliot Hyliger is a husband to Gillian, dad to Eliza and Remy and a UCCF Staff Worker. As a UCCF Staff Worker, Elliot works alongside Christian Unions in Nottingham and Lincoln, helping students explore the Christian faith. 

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