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A picture is worth a thousand words...

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's five of our favourites and the stories that they tell about CU mission weeks.

1. What's Your Story?: Nottingham Trent University


STORY : come on down to Bonnington to have your picture taken and write a bit about your story to be displayed in the art exhibition on Friday!! We're here all day some pop on over and say hey ✌🏽#mystory

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Students at Nottingham Trent University were invited to share a self portrait and something about themselves as part of the CU’s events week, Story. The theme of telling and sharing stories opened up discussion with individuals and fed into events later in the week, including an art exhibition on the Friday night. One CU member commented: ‘So many people have taken part and are now interested in coming along on to the exhibition (where we’ll have an evangelistic talk) to see their portrait on show!’

2. Cheese Postie: Queen Margaret University


***TEXT- A- TOASTIE*** Are craving a toastie? Have you forgotten your lunch? Do you just LOVEEEEE toasties? Then from 12:15 onwards text a question to 07934956394 and we will deliver you a free toastie and an answer!! #QMUCU #QMU #SOMO17 #SOMETHINGMORE

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During the Edinburgh CUs’ city-wide mission week at the end of January, a CU student from Queen Margaret University brought along two of her course mates to an event, where they heard the gospel. One of them had a few questions and went back to a lunchbar later in the week. The next day, she sent in a question during the CU’s Text-a-Toastie event. Her Christian friend was quite surprised, saying, ‘I didn’t even know she was thinking about these things,’ and offered to read John's Gospel with her. Her friend agreed, and then went to the week’s final evening event on the resurrection and hope beyond death, where, at the end, she prayed and put her trust in Jesus. CU Staff Worker Emily Muwowo says: ‘I asked her, “Is that the first time you've said those things to God – asked for His forgiveness and asked Him to come into your life as your Lord?” She said it was so I asked, “Do you realise the significance of that?” and she nodded with tears in her eyes and a smile.’

3. True Freedom: Plymouth University 


It's the last meal of missions week! Tonight is one not to miss about The Resurrection of Jesus from a special guest ✨ 7pm The Salvation Army just past Discovery heights! See you there and bring your friends 😁 #uopchristianunion #missionsweek

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Plymouth University Christian Union hosted a week of events encouraging students to examine where they find their freedom in life. This photo shows three CU members advertising their final event. Plymouth mission week speaker and CU Staff Worker Andrew Larkin shares what happened next: ‘On the final night, one student gave her life to Christ! She was particularly struck by an illustration I used about repentance being like needing to take a U-turn, due to driving down a one-way street the wrong way. The amazing thing was that I hadn't even planned to use that illustration that night!’

4. If Walls Could Talk: Leeds University


A great Monday to start this week of events! We're here at the Something More Marquee for another jam packed day- come by for a chat! (Also, check out the Something More snapchat filter...) #somethingmoreleeds

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Faced with the need for a consistent, welcoming venue to host events throughout the week, lots of CUs have opted to hire a marquee for their events week. Not only are these marquees home to beautiful events, they also provide the setting for life-changing moments. This was the case for David* from Leeds University, who, although he had identified as a Christian in the past, hadn't thought about faith in a long time. Intrigued by what he heard at a CU talk, he chatted with CU members after the event and decided to rededicate his life to the Lord, praying a prayer of commitment there and then in the middle of the marquee!

5. The Sisterhood of the Travelling White Cube: University of the Arts London


Last day of 'What would you do differently?' The white cube is pretty filled up, so great to see everyone's responses.

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Students at the University of the Arts London CU created a big cardboard box, painted it white and called it the “White Cube”. The question of the week was: ‘What would you do differently?’, with passers-by encouraged to respond to the question by drawing or writing their answer on the box. The cube toured Wimbledon College of Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art, London College of Communication and Camberwell College of Art. Alex Lucas, Arts Staff Worker, commented: ‘The white surface ended up being completely covered in people’s answers and art students got very involved. Sometimes the cube got so busy that people had to queue up to write on it! [...] Each day we had good conversations with students as they considered the question deeply (and sometimes not so deeply!). We also questioned them about their own satisfaction when inviting them to the evening events. It was so encouraging!'

Have you got a photo or a story you’d like to share? Let us know @uccf or use the hashtag #CUNews. 

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