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Are they here yet?

I remember being seven years old and waiting eagerly on the school steps with my teacher. For about two weeks, every time my parents were late I hoped it was because my little brother or sister (who was supposed to come into the world at any moment) had arrived.

Each day after school I would run outside holding my teacher’s hand and cry out, ‘Are they here yet?’

Then one day it was my babysitter, not my parents, who appeared by the school gates. On 25 September 1998, my little sister came into the world. The sibling I had been waiting for – I was no longer alone with three brothers!

It’s funny now how the waiting is so vivid in my memory. This little girl of seven waiting, hoping and longing for a little sister who would save me from this boy world of pirates, Lego and cars. A sister who would come into my world of imagination, dolphins and creativity. I remember the total joy and disbelief when she arrived, this little blonde-haired baby girl. She was so little, so needy, and yet I knew she would grow to be my best friend – I was sure of it.

For thousands of years, the Jews had been waiting for a king and a rescuer. He would be the one to save them from the Roman rule, he would bring them ultimately out of slavery and he would put all wrongs to right. For thousands of years God had spoken promising this, through prophet after prophet: following Abraham’s line to King David, and further still to Mary and Joseph. The time had come for Jesus, the Saviour of the World, the Rescuer and true King to arrive on Earth, and he came in the humblest of ways: as a baby. 

He was little and needy, and yet God. He was wrapped up in a manger, held and loved by two young parents, yet visited by shepherds who had seen angels, greeted and honoured by wise men and already feared by the Roman ruler himself, Herod. 

And why? Becausethey knew that this little boy wasn’t just any little boy. They knew that He was the promised King (Matthew 2:2), the promised Saviour (Luke 2:11) and the promised Rescuer. The awaited Messiah. 

I love Christmas and the advent season because each day eagerly awaits our coming Saviour King, God come to us. As we start advent, we have the chance to recall, read and share in those promises from old, the words of God spoken by the prophets about the coming King and God’s rescue plan.

We can dwell in the waiting, get involved in the hoping and join in with the celebrating. 

God came down to Earth, and that baby grew into a man. He took our guilt and shame upon Himself, rescuing us from our sinfulness and bringing us back to Himself. That’s the real reason for the season. So now we can celebrate! 

Home isn’t always easy over Christmas and for some it’s a time we dread. But brothers and sisters, take heart, He has come. Your ultimate Saviour King has come and He is also your friend in the joy and the hardship.

Why not, as we wait for Christmas day, get hoping, longing and waiting? Why not get a Bible study plan and understand the big question that’s been asked for centuries, long before that first Christmas: ‘Is He here yet?’ Because the wonderful news is: He is and His name is Jesus.

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