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Birmingham CU re-affiliated with Studentsí Union

University of Birmingham Christian Union (UBCU) are re-affiliated to the Guild of Students after recognition of positive contribution, having being expelled over seven years ago.

In 2006 the Christian Union had their bank accounts frozen and were ejected from the Guild for being in breach of the University’s equal opportunities policy by refusing to allow non-Christians onto their Executive Committee. However, after several years of negotiation, the Guild have re-admitted the Christian Union, whilst allowing them to continue to restrict their leadership team to those students who are in sympathy and agreement with the CU’s Basis of Faith.

Cara Forster, UBCU President, said, ‘UBCU are delighted to announce their readmission into the Guild of Students. After years of negotiation with the Guild, the UBCU constitution was approved on terms agreeable to both parties, whereby leadership of the executive committee can be restricted to those who wholeheartedly agree with the aims of the society (aka the doctrinal basis). We are thankful for the more recent favour towards the CU in the Guild leadership and their recognition that the CU has a positive contribution to make to the campus and to the Guild itself – this being evidenced, for example, through the holding of an English Club for international students and water bottle distribution after the Guild's club night each week. The CU is excited and praises God for this new opportunity to further the gospel on campus.’

Pod Bhogal, Head of Communications for UCCF, said, ‘University is a market place of ideas and it’s thrilling to see that, after all these years, Christian students have a voice at the heart of the University of Birmingham once again.’

Affiliation to the Guild of Students affords the CU a number of privileges, including full and free access to room bookings, opportunities for financial grants, publicity for events and representation during freshers week.

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