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Christian Unions Receive SU Awards

CUs at universities across the country have been nominated for and received awards from their Student Unions. It's fantastic to see CUs sharing the good news of Jesus on their campus and getting recognition for their creativity and excellence as they do so! Here's a list of the ones we've heard about so far:

National Society Awards: Aberystwyth CU, Loughborough CU and Royal Holloway CU were all shortlisted for 'Best Faith and Culture Society'. Durham CU won 'Best Event' for their Events Week, STORY

Student Union Awards at respective universities:

Sheffield CU won 'Best Faith Society'.

Chichester Uni CU won 'Volunteer Event of the Year'. 

Leeds Trinity CU won the 'Society of the Year Award' for the second year running. One CU member won 'Society Member of the Year', and they also won the 'SU Innovation Award' for being innovative with their events and fundraising. CU committee member explained: 'It's for being innovative in events and funding. As we are a CU without a membership fee, we sourced donations from churches, took a collection in our CU meeting for freshers week, selling our Mission Week branded jumpers, getting funding for us to run other events etc. There's loads going on at Leeds Trinity - God is providing in so many ways it's just wonderful!'

University of Loughborough CU won ‘Culture and Faith Society of the Year’

Cardiff CU won ‘The Best Large event’ for STORY CARDIFF, which involved all the CUs in Cardiff. Miriam Gordon was nominated for ‘most committed member’, Aled Goodwin won for ‘committee member of the year’, and the CU was nominated for ‘Best Large Society’.

The University of Manchester CU won the ‘2017 Culture and Faith Society of the Year’.

Christians in Art and Design won 'Society of the Year' at Plymouth College of Art. 

Plymouth CU were nominated for 'Event of the Year' with their events week, Freedom: where’s yours? and came in the top three.

Essex CU have been given a bronze standard by the Student Union.

De Montfort CU won ‘Best Event or Project’ for their events week Fearless Questions, a joint mission with Leicester CU and local churches.

University of Worcester CU won 'Society Event of the Year' for their carol service. Committee member Beth Fuller was awarded 'Society Personality of the Year' in recognition of all her hard work - as well as multiple appearances dressed up on campus as a dount!

MMU Crewe CU won 'Most Improved Society' from their SU. CU Staff Worker Chris Simons says: ‘MMU Crewe CU is a small CU that has been struggling over past years. This year two of the leaders decided to make a go of it and having attended Forum in the summer they knew that they had to try and shape the vision of the rest of the CU. They have done a number of events (Disney and Dominos, Big Questions, etc) which have caught the eye of the SU and the students on campus, thereby being deserving of such a great award.’ 

Manchester Met CU won ‘Faith Society of the Year’.

Roehampton CU were nominated for 'Best Society Event' for their Mission Week, 'Best Society of the Year', and three committee members were also nominated for 'Society Committee Member of the Year'. They were commended by their Student Union, who said: 'The Christian Union have done an amazing job this year, and I’ve been super impressed with the amount of time and effort the whole committee have put in to organising their events, especially their tireless efforts throughout both freshers and refreshers weeks!  Through doing this, and creating such a welcoming atmosphere within their society, I believe that they have built an excellent relationship with both the Roehampton student community as well as us at RSU!'

St. George's CU a couple of years ago set up a Gospel Choir and it consists mainly of CU members and runs parallel to CU. They recently entered the St. George's University talent show came in first place!

Huddersfield CU were shortlisted for 'Society of the Year'.

University of Lincoln CU were shortlisted for 'Society of the Year'.

ARU CU were nominated for 'Society of the Year'.

Royal Holloway University CU were shortlisted for a 'Group Award'.

University of Derby CU have been shortlisted for 'Volunteering Project of the Year', for their Life Series and for 'Society of the Year'.

University of Sussex CU have been nominated for 'Society Event of the Year', for their events week Got Questions?

University of Suffolk CU have been shortlisted for 'Society of the Year': 'The Christian Union are a long-running society made up of students who are dedicated to exploring and promoting Christianity itself. Alongside holding weekly sessions exploring different topics such as ‘Easter’, they also held a series of workshops exploring the ‘Uncover John’ series, inviting all students from the University to attend. Throughout the year, the committee have been magnificently proactive in setting up their events and working in collaboration with the SU and the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. Having achieved 970 points, the Christian Union came second in the 'Society Rewards Scheme', making them the second most active society of the year. They are no stranger to this award, having won 'Society of the Year' in 2014, their seamless team work and excellent event organisation makes the Christian Union a prosperous candidate for this award.'

Liverpool Uni CU are nominated for ‘The Challenge Award’

UWE CU won the award for 'Campaign of the Year' for their freshers’ and events weeks. They were also nominated for 'Society of the Year', 'Trip of the Year', 'Society Member of the Year', ‘Commitment to Participation’, and ‘Committee of the Year’.

University of Gloucestershire CU students Ben Holmes and Annabelle Bradford received personal awards for their contributions to student life (publicity and administration). The CU were also nominated for 'Society of the Year.' 

Uni of Suffolk CU were nominated for 'Society of the Year'.

Has your CU won an award? Let us know! Get in touch at, or let us know on social media: @uccf #CUNews.

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