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two students with Christmas hats on

Christmas is over, right?

As January gets going, Christmas might feel a long way away. There are no more sales in the shops. The tinsel is back in the attic. Only one or two boxes of mince pies are still in the cupboard... 

But for the Christian Unions, the effects of Christmas are still being felt – like the lingering warmth of a chai latte.  


New faces in CU 

Drawn by the tradition and festivity, thousands of students went to CU carol services last term. Many are now plugged into CU communities as a result!

‘At Sussex CU's carol service, seven people indicated they wanted to come to other events. Two then came to a CU meal a week later, and we met a new person, Alan (name changed) who said he made more friends that night than in the last three months he’d been in the UK!’ - Oli Butler, CU Staff Worker in Sussex 


New interest in Jesus 

Many unbelieving students are also starting to explore Christianity for the first time – all because of what they heard about Jesus at a CU Christmas event. 

'At the end of the Edinburgh city-wide carol service, a Napier CU member called Rebecca came running up to me and said, “my friend has agreed to read the Bible with me next term!” This is a friend who she’s been praying for and witnessing to for years – praise God.’ - Amy Conway, CU Staff Worker in Edinburgh 

A Huddersfield CU member brought lots of his friends along to their Christmas meal. One of them has since been to church, and has met up with him and another CU member to chat through his questions about Christianity. 



New excitement for mission  

As the spring term gets underway, mission weeks are about to begin. These are high-profile weeks of lunchtime and evening events which will give hundreds the chance to hear the gospel. 

For many CUs, their Christmas outreach the end of last term served as a springboard into this busy mission season - CU members were inspired to share their faith, encouraged by the openness of their friends, and some unbelieving students are now in a place where they are eager to find out more. 

‘One Brunel CU member boldly invited not just her whole flat, but her whole hockey team to the CU’s carol service last term. About five friends came along, and the gospel message clearly struck a chord with them as they stuck around till the very end, asking questions. This CU member is continuing to have good conversations with them and is hoping they’ll come along to the CU’s events week.’ - Naomi Hollands, CU Staff Worker in Hertfordshire 


Keep praising God for all He did through the CU’s last term by reading our Focus prayer diary.

Pray with us for upcoming mission weeks.

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