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Virtual CU meeting

CU mission goes online

‘I’m unbelievably proud of the Christian Unions and their reactions to this crisis. In a time of fear and uncertainty, they’ve responded with hope, wisdom and creativity.’ – Harriet Delahoy, CU Staff Worker in Nottingham and Lincoln

In the last two weeks, the landscape of CU mission has changed.

As the Covid-19 outbreak has grown, universities have closed libraries, stopped large gatherings on campus, and even ended term early.

But what has this meant for the Christian Unions?

God’s mission remains the same

While campuses may not always be in operation, God’s mission among students is.

And the CUs are continuing to find ways of joining in.

Thanks to technology, social media, and creative thinking, they are still boldly and cheerfully making disciples of Christ in the student world.

  1. Training for mission

To keep training members in evangelism, many CUs are now meeting together online – for some, this has meant that they’ll keep meeting through the Easter break, when they’d normally stop!

Royal Holloway CU, for example, streamed their first main meeting live from Facebook. Staff Worker James Bunyan and his three housemates (all Royal Holloway CU graduates) ran the meeting in their living room, reading Mark’s Gospel, singing and praying together. All CU students in the South West of London were invited to join, and they had 50 tune in. They’re planning to work through the rest of Mark’s Gospel as the weeks go on.

Meeting online has also opened opportunities for spontaneous city-wide training to take place. Thirty-two leaders from the CUs across Nottingham are now gathering to pray and study the book of James and receive evangelism training from Staff Workers Elliot and Harriet each week.

  1. Continuing in mission

Whether it’s making the most of the Uncover Mark online resources and reading God’s Word with an unbelieving friend, or sharing devotionals on social media, the CUs are still helping others explore Jesus for themselves. Abertay CU are even planning to run an evangelistic video-game event online.

London Staff Worker, Pete Downing says, ‘The University College of London CU were gutted when the university shut, as they had a couple of evangelistic events planned. However, they’ve regrouped and are planning to hold these online! It’s an exciting time as we get to think creatively afresh in our outreach. We are praying that this pandemic will prompt people to ask questions, and that the Lord will use it to bring about gospel fruit.’

  1. Starting up mission

Excitingly, a new CU began a few weeks ago at the University of Westminster, Harrow Campus. They were initially disappointed when the university closed, and one leader had to go back to Australia, but have continued to stay in touch online. Now, with the help of Relay Worker Katie, they’re planning to run an evangelistic quiz for their fellow students.

  1. Planning for future mission

Normally at this time of year, the CUs spend time planning for the next academic year of mission. Despite all the uncertainty, this is continuing as usual. The new St George’s CU (London) committee were especially encouraged by their latest meeting together online, where they read through Psalm 33, before finalising plans for mission in the summer and autumn term.


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