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Datgelu Ioan - Uncover John in Welsh

Datgelu Ioan: Uncover John translated into Welsh!

The newly-released Uncover John Seeker Bible Study has already been translated into Welsh, much to the delight of Welsh-speaking CU students and UCCF Staff Workers.

Datgelu Ioan was released in time for the new academic year and has been taken up by Welsh-speaking Christian students, particular in Bangor Welsh CU. This translation was not only timely but also crucial in the Welsh university context.

The frequency of the Welsh language in Welsh culture is increasing and greater emphasis is being given to it. There are still Welsh-language halls of residence in Wales’ universities, and many of the key “culture shapers” in Welsh society are bilingual, identifying as Welsh first and foremost. Bethan Perry, UCCF Staff Worker with the Welsh-speaking CUs, comments:

The gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing news to share with students all over Britain. In order for every barrier and possible offence to be eliminated, students need to hear, discuss and engage with the gospel in their heart language. That's why Datgelu Ioan is key for introducing thousands of students in Wales to Jesus.

Owen Brown, UCCF Wales Team Leader, reflects on the importance of having Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies in the Welsh language for the CUs’ mission on campus:

In the past, Welsh CUs have run Welsh-language lunchbars and events, and there’s never been a great uptake. The Welsh are very personable – they love community and relationships – and therefore the Uncover studies, which are by nature relational, resonate well within that culture.

As a result, the production of Datgelu Ioan has greatly encouraged the Welsh-speaking CUs in their evangelism, as Bethan reports:

The Welsh CUs are small and can often feel insignificant or discouraged, so to have such a well-produced resource in Welsh at their disposal is a massive encouragement. All the CUs at some point have used the studies in their main meetings, as well as using it on a one-to-one basis with friends.

Trying to capture the tone of the studies as they were translated wasn’t an easy task, but it was well worth it, as Owen comments:

Our hope is that we would see Welsh-language students engage and open Scripture together. Partnering with the Welsh church is a real treat, so if it’s also a resource the church can use then that’s really exciting. Please pray for the Welsh CUs as they seek to use Datgelu Ioan in their context. Pray that Welsh-speaking students would be challenged by the real Jesus they meet on the pages of John's Gospel.

Following hot on the heels of Datgelu Ioan is Uncover John in Chinese, and a special edition of Uncover John for churches and individuals, which will be launched in spring 2015. Go to to sign up for an email alert when this is ready to purchase.

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