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Datgelu: Uncovering Jesus in Welsh

‘Welsh-speaking culture is still steeped in Wales’ gospel tradition and history. While we praise God for what He has done in the past, we are now finding it difficult to engage students in gospel conversation.’

Welsh speaking CU Staff Worker Bethan Perry knows the difficulties of sharing the gospel with students who have grown up ‘belonging’ to a church, attending Sunday school and celebrating religious occasions throughout the year, but don’t know what a life-giving, personal relationship with Jesus could mean. ‘There is an apathy among students, a desire not to be different, and even a feeling of threat.’

That’s why when Angharad*, a girl from the Welsh-speaking halls at Bangor University, wanted to research different religions and so attended the main Christian Union meetings, it was a massive encouragement to Bethan. Angharad has since started meeting up with Elin, a Welsh speaking Relay Worker, and the two have started reading God’s Word together in their own language, using Datgelu, the Welsh translation of UCCF’s Uncover Seeker Bible Studies in John and Luke.

‘It would be totally unnatural for these two girls to speak English together,’ says Bethan. ‘They are both more comfortable in Welsh, so having Uncover in Welsh is a great help for both parties: for the seeker and the nervous Christian seeking to lead her through the gospel, pointing her to Jesus. They did three studies in ten days, they were both so keen!’

Datgelu has also been used by Aberystwyth Welsh Christian Union and Bangor Welsh Christian Union in their main meetings, which seek to equip and reach out to Welsh speaking students. ‘There is a lack of resources in Welsh,’ Bethan says, ‘so Datgelu really is priceless!’

‘The Welsh CU students are also active members of the English-speaking CU but it's great to have a resource specifically for them and their Welsh speaking friends. Having something in their heart language means that the only controversy, offence or barrier is the gospel itself.’

Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies take you through six key episodes in John’s biography of Jesus, allowing you and a friend to explore who Jesus is together. Datgelu, the Welsh translation, is available to purchase from IVP books.

*Name has been changed.

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