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Drawing a crowd...

In the last few weeks alone, Christian Unions have invited hundreds of students across Great Britain to hear the good news of Jesus through creative and bold outreach. Here's just a few of the most recent events:

Cardiff CUs certainly know how to draw a crowd. During the Cardiff city-wide mission week, Story,  ATRiuM CU set up a gallery on campus, and spent the whole day asking people about their stories and drawing and painting them in their gallery. Owen Brown reports: 'The impact is really powerful! Several lecturers and one professor have also come to see the 'exhibition' and talked with the students!' Engaging with the week's theme of 'Story', and demonstrating that each person's story matters, the CU have taken the time to draw each evening guest's story into a huge mural at their event venue, where Owen says 'A wonderful visual narrative is forming!' 

Continuing the creative theme, Glasgow CU ran a creative evening called 'Source', exploring the question 'Why do we create?' The evening included a photography competition, craft stations such as blackout poetry and paper-craft, a photobooth, live music, a short talk on what makes us human from Clive Parnell as well as a testimony from Rosh Clark, a local Christian with her own sea-glass jewellery business who shared how her faith relates to her craft. 


Last week at our “Source” event, we looked at what the source of our creativity was. If you were intrigued by what you heard/chatted about, then why not ask a friend from the CU about it! I can pretty much guarantee you they would love it if you did! Or if you came on your own, why not give us a wee message and we can arrange for someone to meet up with you to chat! #GUCUSource @uccf #CUNews @qmunion

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Both Warwick CU and Edge Hill CU have been using comedy to connect with people, inviting Christian comedian Andy Kind to join them for an evening in which he performed a short sketch, hosted a Q&A and shared his personal testimony. At Warwick, one student was encourgaed to receieve messages from friends who had been struck by what they had heard, saying things like 'I am really interested in hearing more about faith and your belief as I don't know much about it', and 'Last night brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings and I wanted to speak this through with someone.' Excitingly, this student has been able to continue having conversations with them about faith!


Back in Cardiff, one student, James, shared his testimony at one of their events on 'Purpose'. Such was the support from his team-mates that the Cardiff University Rugby Club tweeted to encourage members to go along.

UCCF Team Leader in Wales, Owen Brown, commented: 'It was amazing. Loads turned up, and needless to say the food went quickly!'

Praise God for these wonderful opportunities that Christian Unions have to engage with their friends, and pray for them as they continue to demonstrate that the gospel of Jesus is good and relevant. 

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