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Empieza aqui: Uncovering Jesus in Spain

Spanish students have been asking their friends to read Luke’s Gospel together using Uncover. Dorcas Gonzalez, Grupos Bíblicos Universitario’s (GBU) Staff Worker and former UCCF Relay Worker, shares with us how the resource is enhancing GBU’s witness in Spain.

‘Just the very fact that we've put a resource in the hands of GBU students is a success! Uncover, along with the evangelism training we’ve given, has helped students to be bolder and more confident to invite their friends to study the Bible. It makes it easy for students to see they don’t need to be Bible scholars to look at the Bible with their friends. As a result, so many more students are doing seeker Bible studies with their friends than ever before.

Uncover has been used in follow-up missions or after other evangelistic events and, last year, we had a campaign encouraging students to give Uncover as a Christmas present. It’s been encouraging to see that there are people who are interested in doing something like Uncover, and that the interest grows as they progress through the studies.

Often, students’ friends want to carry on looking at the Bible after the six weeks of Uncover, and they ask us, ‘What can we do next?’ We have heard of two people giving their lives to Jesus: Miguel and Sara, both studying in Ciudad Real. Please pray for them and for Josué and Marta, the Christian friends that studied Uncover with them. It's been beautiful to see students growing in their knowledge of and confidence in the gospel. You can read about Sheila’s experience with Uncover on the left of this page.

At the IFES World Assembly, we gave one copy of Uncover to each Spanish-speaking movement. Nicaragua and Ecuador IFES movements have now ordered some copies and others are interested. Students from England and Germany have also ordered copies for their Spanish course mates and their work with international students. It's beautiful to see that we are a family, not just in fellowship but in mission too!’

Sheila is a GBU student at the University of Barcelona. In her first year she met Maria, who was intrigued about her involvement with her church and her interest in the Bible. Maria started asking Sheila questions about God, so Sheila invited her to read the Bible together. One day a week, they would eat together on campus and then look at Uncover afterwards.

Maria loved the passages in Uncover and found the historical context and questions very helpful. She was surprised to discover that the Bible is a collection of books, that it was so practical and has a lot to do with how we live our lives today.

She told Sheila, ‘I have discovered that God is closer to us than we think. If at the start of these studies I doubted He existed, now I don't. I see we can come to Him and He is ready to see us as friends.’

Maria has now been attending CU for the past year and has been to church. Sheila says, ‘God is working in her life and I have the privilege to see it. And sometimes with one opportunity, He gives us another one. One day when I was doing Uncover with Maria in the cafeteria, someone who we were in the same class with came and sat with us. I offered him a Bible and he refused. A few days later he asked me if I would still give him a Bible, and I did. He’s since told me he is reading the Bible.’

In her second year, Sheila met Lorena, and they became very good friends. In the second semester, Lorena was in a different class so they hardly saw each other. Sheila says: ‘Last April, I went to the GBU National Assembly and again they encouraged us to do Uncover with our friends. I realised that it had never occurred to me to ask Lorena to read the Bible with me! So I sent her a message asking if she wanted to study the Bible. She accepted, and before term ended we had managed to do four studies. She wants to carry on and has told me that reading the Gospel has changed her idea of what God is like; the studies on the miracles have helped her see that He is powerful. She loved all the Bible passages because she had no idea what God had done when He came to this earth.’

Uncover has been translated into 20 languages for IFES movements around the world. Some translations are available to purchase from IVP Books.

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