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Happy 5th Birthday Uncover!

Five years ago five UCCF staff met with publisher Robert Hicks to discuss UCCF’s next Gospel Project. Armed with a wealth of ideas, they went on to grab a coffee at a restaurant opposite Bath railway station and it was here on 6th April 2011 that the idea for Uncover was born.

Since then 260,000 Uncover Gospels and 115,000 Uncover Seeker Bible Studies have been distributed to Christian Unions and churches, and 20 different translations of Uncover are now being used across the world. Thousands of people have discovered Jesus through Uncover and many have come to faith in Him.

We hope you enjoy these 5 stories from the past 5 years, and will join with us in prayer for Uncover:

2012: ‘My friend gave her life to Jesus!’

This year I’m living with three girls from England in Madrid as part of my year abroad. About four weeks ago one of them hit a bit of a crisis. In God’s grace I was able to pray for her in that time, as well as offer to read Uncover with her.

We did the first Uncover study two weeks ago and then the second and third yesterday – after we’d finished the second she was so desperate to carry on that I was hardly going to say no! When I left her last night I suggested that she write down reasons for and against becoming a Christian. Tonight we chatted through that and she gave her life to Jesus.

Nottingham CU student on her year abroad

2013: ‘I read Uncover and became a Christian’

Dave, a Christian friend at work, invited me to an Uncover study he was running. At first I was really nervous, but I was encouraged to ask any questions I liked and, as I got more into it, I wrote down notes and questions to ask as I was reading it.

One of the stories that really struck me was the prodigal son. I thought, ‘Because I’m 47 it’s too late for me. I’ve lived my life and I’m never going to be accepted and I’ll never fit in.’ But the story of the prodigal son taught me that although he had gone off and done all these bad things, when he came back, he was still accepted and still loved. I think that was a really big turning point for me. Soon after, I told Dave that I was now a Christian. It just felt so amazing to say it!


2014: Turkish student meets Jesus

I first met Ali* at freshers’ fair back in September. He was on the Turkish Society stall and I was next to him on the CU stall. We chatted for a while and it turned out he knew very little about Christianity.

I had been encouraged to try to use Uncover John with someone, and as we were speaking I thought maybe Ali would be up for doing it, so I asked him and he said yes! Over the course of two months we met and did all six studies. One of those times he enjoyed it so much that we went from one study straight into the next. It was really easy to prepare for and I found the questions in Uncover really helpful.

During the last study I asked him if he would like to put his trust in Jesus. He gave his life to Christ there and then.

John, Manchester CU student

2015: ‘Jesus was everything that I wanted’

As always, I was so excited for Christmas, and when a friend invited me to the CU carol service I couldn’t wait. I wore my new Christmas jumper and really enjoyed the event. At the end I took a little book called Uncover that was on my seat.

While I was home for Christmas I read that little Uncover book and looked at everything on the Uncover website. I treated Luke’s Gospel like I would any of my study texts. I scribbled all over it, writing out questions, underlining things that seemed important or that I didn’t understand.

But by the end I was underlining all the things I loved about Jesus; looking back I can see part of my journey within Uncover just from my annotations. Jesus wasn’t who I was expecting, but turned out to be everything that I wanted. After chatting further with my friend, I invited myself to his church and it was on the walk back that I told him I was a Christian.

Emma, Birmingham CU student

2015: ‘Uncover was the perfect resource’

After coming along to several CU events, one of my close university friends finally decided to join a seeker course. After several weeks of going along, God was very clearly working in her heart. She now knew what the Christian faith looked like but she didn’t know Jesus.

Uncover was the perfect resource for me to introduce her to Jesus and talk one-to-one with her about who He is, who she is to Him and what that means for her life. The questions were laid out in a way that very much got her to discover that for herself without me simply telling her.

From this, she decided to give her life to Jesus, even before we finished Uncover. She has such a hunger for Jesus that we’ve continued to go through Uncover.

Laura, Heriot Watt CU student


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Why not take 5 mins to pray for Uncover today?

  1. Praise God for those who have met Jesus through Uncover and come to faith.
  2. Praise God for all those who have supported Uncover financially and made these resources possible.
  3. Pray for more opportunities for CUs and church members to use Uncover with their friends.
  4. Pray for the Uncover Team as they work on writing new Uncover Mark resources this year.
  5. Pray about who you could invite to meet Jesus through Uncover.

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