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Helping students meet Jesus

This summer, we're welcoming several new staff to join our team working alongside students living and speaking for Jesus at university. Helen Richardson started as a CU Staff Worker in Essex last summer. Outgoing CU President Iustina Popa shares below the difference it has made to have Helen available as a full-time support to the CU.

'Having a full-time CU Staff Worker for Essex Christian Union has made a huge difference, especially during our mission week this year. Helen supported us as we put together our draft plan ahead of the mission week, and worked closely with the Events and Evangelism Coordinator and me to communicate ideas and action strategies to the wider CU.

Our mission week this year was called More Than Human, and ran from 13–15 February. We began each day with a prayer meeting, handed out flyers round the campus in the morning and then hosted a lunchbar and an evening event, with food provided at each. Sixty follow-up forms were filled in throughout the week, with around 15 people indicating that they wanted to find out more about Jesus!

During the week Helen was alongside the CU during our morning prayer meetings, our lunchbar events and our evening events. She demonstrated her passion for CU mission through leading by example, leading some of the morning prayer meetings and speaking at one of our lunchbars.

Helen meets with me every week in MOA (the best restaurant at the University of Essex!), and it has been helpful to have her input on committee meetings and planning for future events. She has been a great personal support during my time as president, as she has made time for me when I have needed advice and guidance. Her support and encouragement have given me confidence as a leader and helped me to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Helen has been not just a co-worker in CU mission but also my friend. I am so glad that Essex CU has been able to benefit from having her as our Staff Worker; God has provided her at absolutely the right time! Helen has been energetic, enthusiastic and excited about helping us carry out our mission on campus.'

A CU Staff Worker enables students to:

    1. Share Jesus: by helping CUs to become increasingly fervent, creative and effective in evangelism on campus.
    2. Know Jesus: helping the whole CU body to grow in confidence in the truth of the biblical gospel.
    3. Follow Jesus: helping individual Christian students to develop their personal evangelism and grow as disciples of Christ.
    4. Meet Jesus: helping unbelieving students to hear and respond to the gospel.

Meet our new staff

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