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Mark Drama audience members

Immersive theatre reaches students

As part of our Uncover Mark project, we’ve teamed up with The Mark Drama to give students another way to experience the story that Mark tells about Jesus – and as they do so, to get to know Jesus for themselves.

Students reaching students

Fifteen students – often with little or no drama background or training – acting out every event in Mark’s Gospel as theatre in the round.

Yet students have found that it’s a powerful way to invite their friends to experience Jesus’ story. Many will come because they’re interested in theatre, or because their friends are performing.

And students consistently pull off high-quality events that captivate the imagination and spark conversations about Jesus.

‘Watching the drama helps me understand more’

Watching a drama gives students an accessible way of experiencing the gospel story.

One student in Sheffield commented: ‘I thought it was great. It was a good introduction to the Gospel if you’ve never read it before. Just to see it in person, in a different way, it kind of brings it to life a bit, it brings it off the pages and it makes it more real.’

Thomas, an international student, added: ‘I think the Mark Drama makes me understand more about Jesus, like what he did, how he died. […] Sometimes I may not understand all the language in the Bible study. Watching the drama can help me understand more.’

 ‘Immersive theatre at its best’

Rosemary Pepper described the Mark Drama as 'Possibly the most moving drama I've ever seen.'

Students in Sheffield agreed: ‘There were several of us that were trying not to burst into tears every ten minutes, especially at the end.’

Another student shared: ‘It was so powerful! A friend of mine came along and said it was fantastic, and that he wants to come to church, and he wants to find out who this Jesus guy is.’

Pray for CUs performing the Mark Drama this term and for students to engage with the story of who Jesus is.

Read more and watch videos about how we’re partnering with The Mark Drama, and how you could put on a performance.

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Watch more from the Mark Drama performance at Royal Holloway. 

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