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Uncover John

Inuits uncovering Jesus

Jordan first discovered Uncover when he was doing postgraduate study in Oxford a few years ago.

The college CU he helped with put on several Text-a-Toastie events during his time at university, and he found Uncover really helpful as a follow-up resource for conversations he had at these events. He read Uncover Luke with three students that he met through a Text-a-Toastie, who were ‘non-believing but very interested’. These group discussions were very positive: the students told Jordan at the end of the year that their Uncover-inspired discussions ‘were the most interesting and enlightening’ chats that they’d had all that year in Oxford.

Jordan’s experiences with Uncover didn’t stop at the end of his study. He returned to his native Canada and took Uncover with him, saying, ‘It’s the best resource I've ever found for what we are trying to do at my university in Canada.’

Since returning, Jordan has started working in the mining industry in Labrador, a remote fly-in region in the subarctic. Here, he’s read Uncover with a little church in the Inuit community, who loved it and have said many times how this has completely changed how they view the Bible and understand Jesus.

Loved using Uncover at uni? Don’t let graduating stop you! Be like Jordan and take Uncover with you. Churches across Britain and further afield have been using Uncover in a variety of contexts such as youth groups, Lent courses, seeker groups and baptism preparation.


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