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Investigating Jesus in Moldova

CU Staff Worker Andrea Dalton reports form Balti, Moldova, where she's been working alongside UCCF's sister movement, CSC Moldova. 

'On the 25th June a team of two Staff Workers, one Relay worker and eight students headed out for Balti, Moldova. Balti is the second biggest city in the country and has a state university, but it looks very different from the UK’s second biggest city, Birmingham! Differences included 35-degree heat, dusty roads, different food and a university culture where students are often pressured to bribe their professors to pass their exams or get the higher grades. We stayed in Balti for a week, meeting the staff team and students, visiting local churches and adapting to the different climate and culture. This week was mainly for us to come together as a team, prepare Bible study material, English lessons and other resources for the camp, as well as adjusting to our new surroundings.

The British team were wonderful and such a joy to lead and work with. We were all very different - maths students, music students, games design students, with a wide range of church backgrounds, hobbies and personalities but I was so encouraged to see their generosity in loving and serving each other so well in their differences and allowing the gospel to ground them and be their focus and motivation among many wonderful and challenging moments that week! On the 3rd July we then headed to camp, where we were joined by around 35 students, the vast majority of them non-Christian. What an exciting privilege!

It was a particular treat to see Nathan, one of the Huddersfield CU students I took with me, who became a Christian through the CU this year, stand up in front of a captivated room of Moldovan students sharing how coming to know Jesus has transformed his life, and encouraging others to consider him too! It was one of those moments where you see how valuable the work that CUs do is, and where I’m reminded I love my job!

One of the most exciting things about the camp was seeing so many students engage with the Bible studies, ask big questions, listen to our testimonies and really make significant steps in their understanding of who Jesus is. One of the girls in my Bible study group at the camp, Arianne*, was a wonderful example of this. From a nominally Orthodox family, she arrived at the camp calling herself a Christian because of her background and family upbringing. As the week went on and we talked more about Jesus and the importance of a personal relationship with Him, I was able to share my testimony with her of growing up in a Christian family but how that didn’t make me a Christian and the need for personal repentance and forgiveness. She asked me lots of questions and at the end of the week asked for a Bible to ‘actually investigate’ what she thought for herself.'

Our partnership with the CU movement in Moldova and with other CU movements lets us be part of giving students around the world the chance to know and trust in Jesus for themselves. Join the community: sign up to pray on World Student Day.


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