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It's the most wonderful invite of the year

‘Are you going to the carol service this year?’

My friends enjoyed coming to carol services with me so much at university that in my final year, they invited me!

Wondering why and how to invite your friends to carols this year? Read on...

Why a carol service?

Carol services are a wonderful chance to invite friends to an event where they’ll hear the Christian message – especially if CU isn’t normally their scene.

It might start as a way to indulge those warm Christmassy feelings, and end up being the opportunity your friend has to hear the ‘good news of great joy’ spoken about in Luke 2:10.

Carols can help our friends to engage with the Christian message as everyone joins in singing joyful Christmas truths. Through the music, readings and prayers, we show our friends what it is to praise a good God for sending Jesus.

Why bring friends?

God’s all-embracing invitation to meet his promised Saviour included local shepherds and far-flung wise men. The shepherds were told that the news will cause joy for ‘all the people’.

Carol services are an amazing way to take this promise seriously, in sharing the good news of Jesus with all our friends.

How can I invite people?

In Luke 2:20, the shepherds return to their community, glorifying God for all they’ve seen. Carol services centre around a message that’s easy to get excited about – the coming of Jesus.

So let’s allow our natural enthusiasm to bubble over into natural conversations. As we make Christmassy plans with friends – ice skating, present shopping, Secret Santa – let’s invite them to an event that promises to be good news for us all.

It’s exciting to invite friends – and from my experience, they’re excited to come.

They might even end up inviting you next year!

Been to a carol service with friends this year? Why not use it as a starting point to begin exploring Jesus' life together? Find discussion guides to get you into the story at

Hannah graduated from Durham University in 2015. When she wasn’t eating rocky road in coffee shops, she flitted between the English Literature and French departments in an effort to cram both subjects into one degree.

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