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Life Drawing

'Life' Drawing at Falmouth CU

Falmouth CU are reaching out to students on their arts campus with their artistic event – life drawing, but with a twist.

Instead of drawing models, each student (fully clothed!) took a turn in the middle and talked about their background, their faith, and what difference God has made to them. Equipped with sketchpaper and various drawing materials, they listened and began to draw said student and their life.

After the student had been talking for five to ten minutes, people began asking questions to find out more. It turned into a group conversation, with everyone drawing and chatting! CU Staff Worker Hannah Scoones shared how the event went:

‘Not only was it a really enjoyable event, you also learned a lot about people’s experiences of faith. It was a way of opening up the conversation to people with different experiences of faith: although this event was run by the Christian Union, they invited widely on campus. On this occasion, one student who wasn’t a Christian came along and took their turn at sitting in the middle, talking about their own life and being the subject of this group conversation.

‘As Falmouth is an arts university, this sort of event tends to work well. Drawing and finding out about people’s lives are both things which appeal to arts students – people tend to be open to talking about feelings and deeper questions around the meaning of life, more so perhaps than in other subject areas.

‘Although running the event this time only had one person outside the CU come along, this will definitely be one to repeat on the arts campus. Having tried it out, we all now have a clearer picture of how this event works out in practice. We’re thinking about trying it in a more public location in the future so that people can drop in and out more easily. It’s fairly low maintenance to run; you just need some drawing materials and two or three people who are happy to talk in front of a group about their life and faith, so it could be an event we run fairly regularly! I could see it building up a group of people from outside the CU who come to it every time to talk and draw in this relaxed environment.’

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