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Local nightclub funds CU club outreach

A nightclub in Nottingham has offered to fund the Christian Union’s club outreach programme as part of its ‘drink responsibly’ budget.

Nottingham CU’s club outreach programme sees CU members chat and distribute bottles of water to students at nightclubs and, in some cases, making sure they have safe transportation home.

CU member Heidi Lawrence, who heads up club outreach for the CU, commented, ‘The nightclub Ocean runs a huge student night and the CU outreach team have seen a lot of fruit here this year, with people coming to church and follow up happening regularly. The CU has built up a really good relationship with the owners of Ocean and the nightclub has agreed to fund the cost of the CU’s club outreach ministry. This means a big chunk of the CU budget can be allocated elsewhere.’

Luke Mitchell, Democracy and Communications Officer for Nottingham University Students’ Union said, ‘If you go down to our Friday club night, Ocean, every week without fail there will be a small army of volunteers from the CU giving out water and biscuits, chatting to students in the queue and helping people into taxis when they leave. The work they do makes such a difference, both to the students and the bouncers.

They've built a strong relationship with the club, who now allow them inside the club to give out water and sweets there, and the club have even started paying the Christian Union to be there. The CU do some great work keeping students safe and making the atmosphere outside the club such a positive one.’

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